Cholestosome Technology

The Cholestosome Patent Family Uniquely achieves High Oral Bioavailability of Proteins, Peptides and Nucleotides. Simultaneously we load Proteins, Peptides and Nucleic Acids into Body Cells, without need to attach a virus. Cholestosomes enter cells by facilitated diffusion, so there is no endosomal degradation of our encapsulated material. Issued patents are listed here with links to download

Here is a link to a video explaining the Novel invention of the Cholestosome, and its role in oral absorption of macromolecules

Here is a link discussing Our Use of cholestosomes to make an orally bioavailable macromolecule, somewhat agnostic to target, but the slideset identifies ongoing programs; SlideSet

1.            McCourt MP. Patent: Drug Delivery Means. US Provisional application 60/784,118 Filed March 20, 2006.US Non-Provisional Application 11/725,831 Filed March 20, 2007(Published on September 27, 2007 as US2007-0225264 A1):Status: Issued as US 9,119,782 on September 1, 2015.

2.            McCourt MP. Patent: Drug Delivery Means. Continuation of US application 11/725,831 filed on Mar 20, 2007, Now US Patent No 9,119,782.Application No. 14/741,915 filed on June 17, 2015(Published as US 2015-0352047 A1 on Dec 10, 2015):Issued as US 10,092,516 B2 on October 9th, 2018.

3.            Schentag JJ, McCourt MP, Mielnicki L. Patent: Cholesteryl Ester Vesicles Loading Peptides, Proteins and Nucleic acids into Chylomicrons and Body Cells. US Provisional Application 62/378,599 Filed August 23rd, 2016.US Nonprovisional Application 16/327,561 filed August 23rd 2017; filed as PCT US2017/048135 on Aug 23, 2017(Published as WO 2018-039303 A1 on March 1, 2018; Published as US2019-0175515 on June 13, 2019):Status: Active Negotiation.

4.            Schentag JJ, McCourt MP, Mielnicki L, Hughes J. Patent: Cholestosome Vesicles for Incorporation of Molecules into Chylomicrons. US Provisional application 61/783,003 Filed March 14, 2013; PCTUS2014/027761 filed March 14, 2014.US Nonprovisional Application 14/776308 filed March March 13, 2014; (Published on September 25, 2014 as WO2014-152795 and Feb 4th 2016 as US 2016-0030361):Status: Issued as US 9,693,968 on July 4, 2017.

5.            Schentag JJ, McCourt MP, Mielnicki L, Hughes J. Patent: Cholestosome vesicles for incorporation of Molecules into Chylomicrons. Continuation 1 of US application 14/776,308, filed on Sep 14, 2015, Now US 9,693,968.Application 15/603,992 as filed May 24, 2017; PCT/US14/27761 filed on March 14, 2014(Published as US 2018-0055780 A1 on March 1, 2018):Status:  Issued as US 10,369,114 on August 6, 2019.

6.            Schentag JJ, McCourt MP, Mielnicki L, Hughes JA. Patent: Cholestosome Vesicles for Incorporation of Molecules into Chylomicrons. China Patent application number 2014800252640 filed March 14, 2014.Priority US 61/783-003 filed on March 14, 2013; Published as WO2014-152795 A2 on September 25, 2014(Published announcement CN 105164143 B):Status: Issued in China as Patent ZL 201480025264.0 on February 19, 2019.

Cholestosome Trademark

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Patent Status Update

We continue to expand the reach of these patents, as they are filed globally using the PCT process. China was issued in 2019. Approvals are anticipated in 2020 in Japan, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Israel. We are actively licensing the processes and manufacturing methods to partners with molecules in need of intracellular delivery.

Patent History

The original Invention of the Cholestosome was made by Professor Mary McCourt in 2006, and filed in conjunction with Niagara University. In 2012 we discovered the power in the chylomicron pathway, thereby enabling unprecedented oral bioavailability and intracellular delivery. Cholestosomes deliver 2X-100X intracellularly, without need for either a viral vector or the need for an endosomal step. This meant that we could deliver a molecule intact into the cytoplasm for diffusion anywhere in the cell.

Starting in 2013, these inventions were filed by the inventors directly. All Patents in this Series are Assigned to TheraSyn Sensors Inc, and there are revenue sharing agreements in place with Niagara University and the University at Buffalo.

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