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This information site is dedicated to the many colleagues, students, postdocs and graduate students who listened patiently to my monologues and discussions and without whose feedback, few of these inventions would have gotten this far.

Everything to follow is a work in progress. The stories are interesting, the challenges are many. Some inventions make more progress than others.

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Biographical Journey from Academia to Inventor and Commercialization

Professor Jerome J. Schentag, Inventor & Chief Executive Officer of TheraSyn Companies and Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy at the State University of NY (SUNY) in Buffalo. Prof Schentag has 40+ years of US and Global Clinical Trial expertise in Infectious Diseases, Critical Care, Sepsis and Metabolic Syndrome.

I retired from my UB duties in 2015, and moved my Lab and offices back to downtown Buffalo at 73 High St. Here, my principal activity at TheraSyn and CPL Associates is the immuno-oncology platform. I have a research scientist appointment at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. This work led to my founding of Synergy Therapeutics, Inc in 2021. There is much more of this story on the Synergy tab at the left, but here is a direct link to the partnering and investor slideset.

I am the inventor of the SmartPill, a medical device for diagnosis of GI tract, currently marketed worldwide by Medtronic. SmartPill is the predicate device for the characterization of Gastric emptying, small bowel motility and the unique signaling properties of the ileal Brake.

Using the teachings of SmartPill, I am the co-inventor of Brake™, the first oral mimetic of RYGB (Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery) and its dramatic improvement of Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.  AphaiaPharma has these products in phase 2 development.

SmartPill’s attention to the status of the Microbiome in the ileum and colon resulted in a “capsule in a capsule” means of delivering live bacteria to the colon, now available for Licensing in treating diseases of dysbiosis or disordered signaling. slideset link

Smart Pills lead to Smarter Pills, and we have recently received patents on an internally wearable FemHealth device that we have trademarked the iBump. We are actively seeking licensors and development partners. There is more about this invention on the SmarterPills tab of my site, but here is the iBump slideset link.

He is also expert in neural net mathematical modeling of disease progression, as the co-inventor of the FS-index, the best available means of the composite measurement of metabolic disease. Together these inventions and discoveries have enabled new approaches in the treatment of metabolic diseases, all of which are increasing in worldwide prevalence.

In addition he first used the SmartPill as a means of studying the oral absorption and intracellular delivery of peptides, proteins and other macromolecules. This led to the discovery of the Chylomicron mechanism of action and several patents of Cholestosomes™, the currently best known oral means of delivering otherwise injectable biologicals. Here is a videoLink describing the cholestosome technology

Dr Schentag obtained his Pharm.D. degree at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Pharmacokinetics at the State University of NY (SUNY), Buffalo, where he continues to serve as a fellow in the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Professor Schentag’s entrepreneurial experience comprises several private equity investments and exit transactions across a broad spectrum in healthcare. Here is a one-page bioLink and a full CV providing the details

CRO Activities:

Design and management of clinical trials including our own inventions

Consulting on Drug Delivery Methods and Technologies

Mathematical Modeling of Diseases including application development

Current Academic Rank:
(2016-present) Emeritus Professor, University at Buffalo NY

A Rewarding 40 year Academic Career at University of Buffalo Track; (1975-2015) Clinical Teaching, Discovery and clinical applications, primarily in the disciplines of Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacometrics, Pharmacoeconomics, with emphasis on Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases, Critical care medicine, Metabolic Diseases, Cardiovascular, and more recently Immuno-oncology. More than 350 publications and many book chapters. See the Google scholar link for current listing of publications, each ranked by numbers of citations

Chief Executive Officer, CPL Associates LLC
(2001 – present)
CPL Associates is a specialty Clinical Research Organization, dedicated to high-end disease model design and management of clinical trial data in our specialty focus areas of Drug Delivery, Pharmacometrics, Metabolic Syndrome diseases, and Immuno-oncology. CPL Associates is our operational unit and a partner for Those Challenging Molecules seeking a role in modern Therapeutics

  • Link to CPL Associates Website

Chief Executive Officer, TheraSyn Companies
(2007 – present)
TheraSyn companies hold the patents for our Wearable Sensors and Devices, Novel treatments, drug delivery systems, and our Mathematical Models of Disease. Licensing agreements and co-development agreements for these patents are the ongoing business model of the TheraSyn companies