Ocular Posterior Retinal Delivery

The Novel aspect here is delivery of molecules around the sclera to the posterior segment, where the retina is located. Usually when you want to reach this space, you are given an intra-ocular injection, a needle through the sclera and into the vitreous fluid in the eye itself. It was never thought possible to reach this retinal site with small molecules like steroids, let alone Proteins, Peptides and even Nucleotides. Using the Hydrogel Lens method, we can carry molecules to the posterior segment of the eye, and because this is a daily use product applied at bedtime, you can use short acting steroids to minimize the cataract formation which plagues the sustained release of long acting fluorinated corticosteroids. Issued patents are listed below, with underlined hyperlinks to allow download.

Schentag JJ, Schultz CL. Patent:  Device and Method for the Delivery of Drugs for the Treatment of Posterior Segment Disease. US Provisional Application 60/461,354 filed on April 9th, 2003.Application number 12/202,759 Filed on September 2nd, 2008(Published as US2008-0318843 A1 on December 25th, 2008):Status: Issued as US 9,216,106 B2 on December 22nd, 2015.

Abstract: Hydrogel lenses are infused with a drug for the treatment of posterior segment disease. The lenses are placed in contact with the subject’s cornea. Drugs can be passively released from the hydrogel and can migrate around the globe of the eye to the posterior segment.

Status Update

We are actively licensing the processes and manufacturing methods to partners with molecules in need of hydrogels as a preferred alternative for delivery to the diseased retina of patients.

The Licensing entity is Direct Contact LLC. We are also open to Research and Development partnering agreements that co-develop proprietary molecules in this novel, patented drug delivery system.

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