SmartPill and SmarterPills

Our SmartPill platform patents are novel diagnostic devices, starting in the early 1990s with the Gastrointestinal tract monitor the SmartPill. More recently we have focused our development energy on a “SmarterPill” a modern, cellphone connected wearable device for monitoring Fertility and Pregnancy and thereby targeted to long term use in promoting Women’s health.

A slideset describing this newly patented wearable device for pregnancy and fertility is linked here

The patent for this device issued in 2019. Issued patents are listed here with links to download

1.   Schentag JJ, D’Andrea DT. Patent: Telemetry Capsule and Process;Application number 707,842 Filed May 30th, 1991:Status: Issued as US 5,279,607 on January 18th, 1994.        

2.      D’Andrea DT, Schentag JJ. Patent: Sampling Capsule and Process. Application number 179,502 filed January 10, 1994.Continuation in part of US 707842 May 30, 1991, issued as US 5,279,607:Status: Issued as US 5,395,366 on March 7, 1995.     

3.      Schentag JJ, Bright FV, D’Andrea DT. Patent: Device and Methods for In Vivo Monitoring of an Individual. US Provisional Application 61/363,358 Filed on July 12, 2010.Application Number 13/808,463 Filed on July 12, 2011 and PCT/US2011/43759 filed on May 17, 2013(Published on February 23rd 2012 as WO-2012/024034, and on August 29, 2013 as US 2013-0225922 A1):Issued July 16, 2019 as US10,349,820; Active Negotiation EU; Issued Nigeria as NG/C/3/047 on October 1st 3; Issued China as ZL201180043111.5 on July 18, 2017; Issued South Africa as 2013/01094 on January 29th 2014.     

Link to Jerome J Schentag HomePage

Status Update

SmartPill was listed among the 50 inventions that changed the world, in 1992. The GI tract SmartPill is sold worldwide under this tradename by Medtronic. Here is a link to Medtronic SmartPill site

We are actively seeking a licensing or development partner for the Women’s Health wearable monitor, which has the trade name iBump.

This patent Application published on March 5, 2020

Patent History

The original SmartPill and the Tradename application was made in 1989, and was filed in conjunction with the University at Buffalo. The SmartPill was the Popular Science invention of the year in 1992. This patent is often cited, and in Google Scholar, the current tally of citations is over 650, many of these citations in other patents. The Women’s Health Patent is assigned to TheraSyn Sensors Inc, and there is a revenue sharing agreement in place between TheraSyn Sensors and the University at Buffalo.

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