Here is a non-confidential slide deck describing StimBiotics and its antimicrobial platform of dual acting anti-resistance compounds

StimBiotics is a small molecule pharmaceutical company addressing the Very Big problem of multi-drug resistance with a strategy to make MDR bacteria sensitive to antibiotics again.

Antibiotic resistance is an inevitable consequence of exposure to antibiotic therapy, rendering many bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics in high-risk patients.  Although important and successful conventional targets, such as beta lactamase inhibitors, do have benefits, they have been shown to ultimately lose critical activity. Our new approach is unique, in that it restores and enhances  antibacterial activity across multiple drug classes.

We seek to restore the activity of the currently available antibiotics with a proprietary compound that engenders bacterial apoptotic-like cell death instead of permitting the pathogen’s survival as an antibiotic-resistant strain.

Recent efforts have been proposing the use of new beta-lactamase inhibitors (BLI) to address the problem of resistance to beta-lactams. An example would be Venatorx Pharmaceuticals which is successfully developing a novel approach to BLI.  Their approach and results are commendable and validate the need and utility of indirect acting antibacterial agents synergistic with re-establishing the  critical activity of key antibiotics.. However, unlike StimBiotics, their solution is not a general solution, but is specific to beta-lactams. To our knowledge there is very limited research and no programs developing antibiotics for the StimBiotics target.

StimBiotics is proposing to address the AMR problem for multiple classes of antibiotics by stimulating the apoptotic pathway when used in combination with existing, and new, antibiotics.

For example, our StimBiotics compounds have an entirely novel mechanism of action, one that kills A. baumannii (selectively) and have additionally been demonstrated to prevent evolution of resistance to itself, polymyxins, aminoglycosides, fluoroquinolones, and some beta-lactams.

StimBiotics expects to complete the selection of a lead compound and generate additional pre-clinical safety and PK as well as microbiological and animal data to enable entering first-in-man studies. We will also expand the database of antibiotic synergies in multiple pathogens.

Key management and Board Members & their brief biographical sketch:

Michael Stevens, PharmD, CEO. Over 30 years of experience in big pharma and small biotech. Served as Vice President, Medical Affairs Virology at Bristol-Myers Squibb and as Chief Strategy Officer for ViroStatics.

Snezna Rogelj, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer. Professor and former Department Chair, Biology at New Mexico Tech. StimBiotics’ products and technology are based on Dr. Rogelj’s research.

Jerome J. Schentag, PharmD, Chief Pharmacology Officer, Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Buffalo, NY.  Over 40 years of early R&D and clinical trials experience in anti-infectives, infectious disease, and other therapeutic areas. 

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